Merkel: ” Our Hearts Bleed” For Austerity-Hit Greek Pensioners

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The woman has her heart on  the right place. And this sensitive heart of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is bleeding. Over the plight of Greek pensioners who have to suffer sharp  income decreases. I’m not kidding.

Angela Merkel made indeed such a statement in front of German taxpayers, during a forum with German citizens organized by the chancellery.

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday expressed sympathy for Greeks who are hard hit by austerity measures imposed to bring down the country’s crippling debt, AFP reported

“Our hearts bleed when we see today that the pension of each Greek civil servant and employee is reduced,” she told German citizens during a forum organised by the chancellery.

Merkel has been firm in insisting that Greece comply with its commitments to cut its public spending to rein in debt.

In a televised interview Sunday, she warned that every day counts for Greece to redouble its efforts in implementing the required reforms.
At the forum, Merkel also highlighted the gulf between the wealthy and the poor, noting that “rich and comfortable people are so mobile in the world that they can leave their countries without any problems”. ( via Focus News Agency)

Sympathy from the devil? A Christmas Angel-a in August? So heartbreaking….  I would bust into tears, if I weren’t on vacation.