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Daily Archives: September 13, 2012

Want the Parthenon Marbles Returned to Greece? Say it with a “Click”!

This is the initiative of Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) in Great Britain. You can visit their website and vote YES, the Parthenon Sculptures on display in the British Museum should return to Greece and exhibited at the New Acropolis Museum. Or Vote NO, keep them where they are. You can also participate …

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Barroso: “United States of Europe” with “Pool Sovereignty”

The grandeur with the vision of an aspiring Orwellian Big Brother, the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, revealed the plan of the “United States of Europe”: A federation of European member states, with common foreign and defense policy in addition to the ‘successful’ common economic and monetary union, …

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