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Barroso: “United States of Europe” with “Pool Sovereignty”

The grandeur with the vision of an aspiring Orwellian Big Brother, the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, revealed the plan of the “United States of Europe”: A federation of European member states, with common foreign and defense policy in addition to the ‘successful’ common economic and monetary union, the euro. And a “poll sovereignty”. Speaking at the European Parliament on Wednesday, Barroso did not elaborate on the most important issue: the one of the government form of this federation. Because if this Barroso product will be ruled by the same “assigned” and not elected “EU bureaucratic officials” who leave the voice of EU citizens aside, then I must say “No, Thanks!”

Excerpt from Barroso’s speach:

A deep and genuine economic and monetary union, a political union, with a coherent foreign and defence policy, means ultimately that the present European Union must evolve.

Let’s not be afraid of the words: we will need to move towards a federation of nation states. This is what we need. This is our political horizon.

This is what must guide our work in the years to come.

Today, I call for a federation of nation states. Not a superstate. A democratic federation of nation states that can tackle our common problems, through the sharing of sovereignty in a way that each country and each citizen are better equipped to control their own destiny. This is about the Union with the Member States, not against the Member States. In the age of globalisation pooled sovereignty means more power, not less.

And, I said it on purpose a federation of nation states because in these turbulent times these times of anxiety, we should not leave the defence of the nation just to the nationalists and populists. I believe in a Europe where people are proud of their nations but also proud to be European and proud of our European values. (full text Pres Release by EU Commission Europe.EU)

I really wonder, how the European Parliament let all this happen…

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  1. KTG, I fear for the states that have already lost most of their own democratic powers due to the almighty Euro…..

  2. yeap.

  3. I’ve said this before and I will repeat it. We are not ready for U.S.E yet! We are too many strong wills stretching in different directions to become united. The monetary union is another experiment! First of all: We must be united! one for all and all for one! Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland must be all in without exceptions from France and Germany. All countries are different but we must be united. The rich countries must share their wellness with the pourer countries in solidarity. Not just the banking profit. Right now it’s just profit that counts!!! Who are to bear the burdon? Yes: The pour people that have minimum of benefits! Is that solidarity? The rich are getting richer and the pour are getting pourer!!! Is that fair?

  4. I really wonder, how the European Parliament let all this happen…

    they get paid very well…..

  5. I think I have very well paid personnel living from my pockets while I am totaly broke. Either they go or I supsend payments.

  6. all with you on that one.
    Or, alternatively, they stop making “looking the other way” the most expensive pass time in the world and actually start representing the people they say they represent.

  7. What a sickening read this was. A democratic federation of nation states says Mr. Barroso .. this has got to be a joke. These people have lost pretty much all their credibility, if there ever was any to begin with.

    PS. I think I’ll be off to puke …

  8. sickening = that’s the correct word

  9. While we’re being sick, here’s the other clown Van Rompuy with his con-tribution:

    On Wednesday last (12/09/12)EU Council chief Van Rompuy tabled an ‘issues paper’ on how to further integrate the eurozone, including a common budget, limited debt mutualisation and a parliamentary assembly.

    the paper proposes a central budget for the euro area in order to deal with asymmetric shocks and help prevent contagion.
    It also speaks of “limited common debt issuance.” This should only occur “as long as the risk sharing is accompanied with commensurate steps towards common decision-making on budgets that safeguard against moral hazard.

    And to really please everybody, Van Rompuy also proposes

    parliamentary assembly formed exclusively of members from the 17 euro nations.

    I’m sure the 10 non-EZ members will be thrilled with that one…

  10. and I was wondering what happened to this ol’ chap!