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Daily Archives: September 14, 2012

Greek Transport Ministry to Combat Ticket Dodgers with Free Tickets

Greek Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure decided to introduce new measures to combat “ticket evasion”. Passengers returning ten cancelled tickets will be awarded with one ticket of charge. The Ministry targets to decrease the so-called ticket dodgers by 50 percent until the end of the year and so to avoid …

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Shortage of Drugs Due to Pharma Embargo to Greek National Health Service

The never ending story of the Greek patient: While private pharmacists continue to block prescription medicine on credit, drugs have started to disappear from the pharmacies shelves of EOPYY. Patients have now to seek state pharmacies in hospitals to get life-saving medication. Gerasimos Voudouris, president of  National health Care Services EOPYY,  …

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Greek Party Leader Tweets Obama in …Greek!

Leader of Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos got angry about US-President Barack Obama. Because Obama invited former prime minister George Papandreou to attend the Democrats’ congress. Not to mention the rumours that Obama allegedly offered a advisor’s position to Papandreou in view of the presidential elections in November. As Panos Kammenos saw no …

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