Athens: Metro, Tram, Urban Train-ISAP on 24h Strike, Sept 20/2012

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Workers at Athens Metro, Tram and Urban Train (ISAP/HSAP) will launch a 24-hour strike on September 20th 2012.  However they leave the possibility open for a change in the date, should their colleagues in blue buses and trolleys decide to launch similar actions.

With the strike, workers in Athens public transport means want to protest upcoming wages cuts saying that the monthly salary has already been cut by 48%.

At the same time they want to protest the upcoming price increases to ticket fares. An increase imposed by the Troika foreseeing a 25% hike. That is 1.75 euro for Metro, Tram and ISAP and 1,50 euro for blue buses and trolley.

They want ticket fares to return to 2009-levels of 1 euro and transportation free of charge for jobless, students and low-pensioners.