GD Requests Ministry Data about Number of Foreign Families Receiving Child Benefits

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That’s interesting and worrying at the same time. I personally didn’t know how many foreigner families with more than two children live in Greece for more than ten years the criteria for receiving child benefit. Neither was I interested, nor did I care about. But now after the release of data by the Labour Ministry, we got an idea of how many families (Greeks and foreigners) with more than three children get children benefits.

That’s the interesting part as statistics and accurate information is rare in Greece. The worrying part, however, is the hint that members of GD apparently expand their “sphere of interest”…

According to Ministry of Labour and Social Security data,

Total number of  families with three children: 176,350

Total number of families with 4+ children: 76,010

Total number of foreign families with 3+ children: 3,178

Greek Labour and Social Security Ministry released these data upon a question posed to Greek Parliament by a member of extreme-right and anti-foreigner party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn). GD wanted to know how many foreign families receive children benefits and what’s the criteria. 

“The meager child-benefits discourage large families and hinder Greeks from having children due to the high cost of life. But they encourage foreigners to have children because these benefits are relative high in comparison to those in their own countries,” GD-MP commented. (

Deputy Labour Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos explained that the benefits for more children and the pension for mothers are given to foreigners via OGA (Farmers’ Fund,) if the families have a permanent residence in Greece for more than 10 years and the children live in Greece.

Benefit for 3rd child: 177 euro per month

Benefit for 4+children: 44 euro per month for each child

Pension for parent with more than 3 children: 102 euro per month

Child benefits receivers according to parent’s country of origin:

Albania: 1.241, Bulgaria: 324, France: 43, countries of former Yugoslavia: 46, Germany: 171, countries of former UDSSR: 469, USA: 31, Italy: 49, Cyprus: 75, UK: 161, The Netherlands: 49, Poland: 155, Romania: 334, Czech Rep/Slovakia: 30.

PS I wonder what’s the next question they’d pose in the Parliament concerning foreigners….