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Daily Archives: September 21, 2012

A Very European Break Up: Satire on Greek-German Relations (Video)

It is not secret that relations between Germany and Greece are very troubled. If the two countries were a married couple, they would have certainly have to seek professional counseling, should they want to save their marriage. Bob Denham , a young British director, describes with humour not only the troubled Greek-German …

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Greece’s Creditors Dispute on Greek Bailout, While Germans Speak of Fresh Debt Restructuring

Greece’s economy, debts, loans and inability to take the problems under control spark fierce discussions not only among the locals like taxpayers and tax-evaders, unionists and unemployed, employees and pensioners, representatives of political parties. Equally involved in the dispute are the country’s international and European creditors, taxpayers around Europe and economists. However …

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EU Commission: A Week Long Time-Out For Greek Bailout Talks

 The representatives of Greece’s lenders, the so-called Troika, are leaving Athens, even though it seems that the negotiations on the spending savings package have not concluded yet. An EU Commission spokesman told reporters in Brussels, that the Troika “will be leaving this weekend and will return in about a week. the spokesman …

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SYRIZA MP: “Greeks Face an Unprecedented Humanitarian Catastrophe”

“Greeks face an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe as health, education and public administration collapse, salaries and pensions shrink, while the unemployment is on the rise with one out of two young people without job,” Rena Dourou, MP from left-wing SYRIZA, told Austrian newspaper “Wiener Zeitung“. “The policies of IMF bring nothing except deeper recession and …

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Greek Municipality Suspends Operation Due to Economic Problems

 A first in Greece: Acharnon Municipality, a suburb of Attica prefecture, suspended its operation due to economic problems. The decision was taken on Thursday evening at the meeting of the city council. Acharnon Municipality said, it was unable to pay employees and to cover fixed costs. A notice uploaded on the municiaplity’s website …

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