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Komotini: 4 Policemen Injured, 50 Migrants Detained During Revolt in Detention Centre

Four police officers were injured and 50 migrants were detained during clashes in in Komotini detention centre, in North Eastern Greece. Some 400 migrants revolted over poor living conditions.

Greek media report that the revolt started during a blessing ceremony of police academy students. Here is to note that the detention centre hosting 550 undocumented migrants is adjacent to the police academy.

The revolt started with migrants started smashing windows, setting fire to mattresses, tearing up irons form beds and doors and causing extensive damage to the dormitories.

Video: police throw stones, gunshots heard

Strong police force moved to detention centre to restore the order. Police officers clashed with the revolters. During the clashes four policemen were injured, one of them in the head.

The migrants used the irons they had dismantled from the dormitories to scuffle with police.

Police fired tear gas.

Security forces managed to take the situation under control and put the migrants back to their wards.

From the very beginning there was criticism that the Police Academy premises did not fulfill the conditions to host such a large number of detainees. The undocumented migrants were detained during the operation “Xenios Zeus”, an action that started in September by order to Ministry of Public Orde with the aim to combat the problem of illegal immigration in Greece.

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