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Police Cracks Down 3 Greek Fuel Smuggling Rings. States loses €4 Mn in Taxes

 Financial police in Athens arrested 10 people in connection with fuel smuggling that is estimate to have cost the Greek state some 4 million euros in lost taxes over the six months alone.

The suspects were arrested following an operation that began about six months ago, police said on Tuesday. The smuggling was carried out by three gangs led by three men that were known to authorities from past involvement in fuel smuggling.

The gangs are thought to have traded about 3.3 million liters of fuel over the last few months.

The arrested are Greeks aged from 24 to 81 years old. They face tax and customs offenses for felony.

The net work members were using several “tricks” to conceal evidence of  their illegal activity and hamper the control of law enforcement.

The investigation is continuing to determine the full extent of the illegal activity and transactions of criminal groups.

Those arrested are presidents, administrators, legal representatives or employees of companies and business marketing and distribution of liquid fuel.

In one case, one of the arrested is an accountant in a company involved in the fuel smuggling case, while he was also the ‘hidden owner’ of three other companies also involved in the case.

sources: ekathimerini, news247

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