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Greek Power Company to “electroshock” 7 million households with 25-40% hikes

Greek Public Power Company DEH prepares to electro-shock seven million private households with price increases starting from 25% and reaching even 40%. According to Greek media reports, the management of PPC will increase the price of electricity as of 1.1.2013 with an average hike of 25% for private consumers. Millions of households belonging to the so-called low and medium consumption categories will be charged with a real hike of 30-40%. In contrast, there are indications that the more affluent consumers of the higher categories of consumption will pay less.

The price increases will be implemented in three steps, namely one as of 1. January 2013, one as of 1. May 2013 and one as of 1. July 2013, when electricity bills for private households will be fully free and the state will have no more saying in the shaping of prices. This means that after summer 2013, when PPC will go to full privatization, DEH or any alternative power supplier will be able to increase prices per kilowatt without the approval of Greek Energy Ministry.

The  increases in electricity prices will affect mainly poor households and thus in times when unpaid electricity bills amount one billion euro and the PPC proceeds to 30,000 power outages per month.

The government will have to broaden the social power tariff for private households from currently at 250,000 beneficiaries (unemployed, low-incomers, disabled) to 500,000-600,000 consumers.

The management of PPC sent its hikes list to the Regulatory Authority for Energy on Monday. RAE and the Ministry of Environment & Energy will have the final say to the new tariffs that will apply on the new year. (efsyn)

PS I see thousands of households not only unable to heat their homes this winter but also unable to illuminate their dark austerity nights.


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  1. …..and will this mean the thousands that work (and extended families I’m sure) for DEH will have to start paying for electricity as well?

  2. Here is an alternative idea: Buy/make solar panels and install them on rooftop or wherever they can catch light. On hill top and beaches, where there are more wind than in inner city, people can install some small wind-turbines to produce some electricity. It is a lot cheaper to make your own solar panels nowaday. All you need is buying solar cells. You can buy it at on-line stores and have them ship it to your home. They come in 10cm x 15cm (4in. x 6in.) size. It is very easy to solder them together. All you need is a cheap device called “soldering iron”, and a small roll of solder (leads). There are alot do-it-yourself video clips on you-tube showing how to make solar panel. A computer/monitor system usually comsume less than 150 watts. A light-fixture with 2 slim 48in. flourescent lights consume about 60 watts. 150W + 60W = 210W; So, a 300watts solar panel should be sufficient, which means its cost is about $150- $180 dollars. Solar cells often price in dollars per watt. And often range from $o.45 to $0.9 dollars per watts.

    You can build these solar panels at home and sell them to your neighbors or whoever wants one to make a few bucks. It is easy and it is a good opportunity for self-employment in this hard-time. 🙂

  3. DEH made over 100 million profit these first 9 months
    But they also still have a debt of 4.7 billion euro.
    Guess what will happen with that debt if DEH is privatized? My guess is that there will be two DEHs: one with the debt and still owned by the Greek state; the other debt free and owned by one or two of the big Greek Families and functioning as a monopoly, squeezing even more money out of households and small businesses.

  4. Guess you are not living in Greece? Because as great as this idea is, the reality on the ground is that most rules and regulations make it impossible. And even when it is possible there will be in no time a new law to stop this initiative.

  5. if all these years they had reduced personnel wages, bonues, free electricity and all the other benefits, things may look much better now. but DEH and other utility companies is the job pool for party voters.