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Greece’s judges to get €100 million in retroactive wage increases

Next week the Greek government will approve with an extraordinary provision the release of 100 million euro to be paid to judges as retroactive wages increases, outstanding from 2011.

According to Proto Thema, the release of the incredible amount of money is the key commitment of Minister of Justice, Antonis Roupakiotis, to judges so they would stop their protests and strikes in the second half of 2012. The deal between the minister was agreed beginning of December 2012.

The payment satisfies a pending request for wage increases as ruled by the Payroll court. The esteemed members of the Judicial branch of our modern Greek state will receive their outstanding wage increases in four tranches in 2013 and thus in cash – not in state bonds, as the government was originally planning.

PS wage increases in times of loan agreements? I think, I feel kind of dizzy – it’s either the strict austerity program or the unhealthy smog particles due to burning wood. No, it’s not because of the 100-million-euro payment.

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  1. Well obviously we have to bribe the judiciary to give us some justice. However my friend a consultant anaesthetist in a public hospital continues to have her salary reduced and is offered an extra 3 euros for (compulsory) A&E night shift. ( no fakelaki for a public hospital anaesthetist either)!!
    Public service …..

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    sorry to hear that – anaesthisiologists used to get nice fakelakis iin the past. it was part of the money a patient would pay for the surgery.

  3. Speaking of bribes, this is a great site where people share times they either gave a fakelaki, or received one…

  4. They have to Bribe the Judges to stop bothering them with laws that they cannot fight against. That’s why they were bought off ! Shame on the legal system ! Shame on Public Servants for only looking at their own problems ! Shame on Greeks for not getting organised and turning the politicians “upside down”. this is not going to go away and as it is part of my job as a geographical analyst I predict that by summer of 2013 there will be a civil war in Greece ! Happy New Year KTG 🙂

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    civil war and Happy New year are not compatible. but thanks.

  6. Maybe my friend is unusual??? Maybe she’s a decent public servant? There must be some…?

  7. no, fakelakia have more or less disappeared, except from rich old ladies who are too old too get with the program – or full of fear!

  8. At first glance, this does indeed seem to be a good idea. But, at a closer look, is it?
    Where are the safeguards that will prevent this from turning in to a place where unfounded accusations are made? Who guarantees that the posts made on this site are indeed genuine incidents of “fakelaki” and not a personal revenge?

    they are all at it

    doesn’t cut the mustard any longer. If you are going to allow the naming and shaming of people, then you want to make sure you can back this up. Otherwise the whole thing will rapidly descent into a gutter-press type witch hunt without any credibility but with the potential of ruining a persons life and career.
    It is precisely for that reason that a similar site in Ireland called “rate my solicitior” was taken down by court order. Despite the fact that many, many comments on that site were true and did in certain cases result in the solicitors being removed from the bar, the site was closed down because it allowed for

    unscrupulous persons or ill-motivated malcontents to vent their anger and grievances against people, where their allegations are patently untrue and unreasonable

  9. There is a very well-written and relevant Op-Ed in the New York Times that KTG-ers may be interested in. It was written by Kostas Vaxevanis, and addresses many of the issues and comments made by readers. It’s at, and was just published today.

  10. This is so sickening. I KNEW that this would happen as soon as that ff-ing tranche was released in December. I was certain all kinds of vested interests and cronies would grab the money and run with it. But seeing it materialize still turns my stomach and make me want to kick somebody where it hurts most… Happy New Year to all those who can now resume there pillaging of this wonderful country. May the Vasilopita be very very dry and the coin stick in their throats?

  11. Thanks for the link.