Greece’s judges to get €100 million in retroactive wage increases

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Next week the Greek government will approve with an extraordinary provision the release of 100 million euro to be paid to judges as retroactive wages increases, outstanding from 2011.

According to Proto Thema, the release of the incredible amount of money is the key commitment of Minister of Justice, Antonis Roupakiotis, to judges so they would stop their protests and strikes in the second half of 2012. The deal between the minister was agreed beginning of December 2012.

The payment satisfies a pending request for wage increases as ruled by the Payroll court. The esteemed members of the Judicial branch of our modern Greek state will receive their outstanding wage increases in four tranches in 2013 and thus in cash – not in state bonds, as the government was originally planning.

PS wage increases in times of loan agreements? I think, I feel kind of dizzy – it’s either the strict austerity program or the unhealthy smog particles due to burning wood. No, it’s not because of the 100-million-euro payment.