UPD: Police arrests policeman who followed “Independent Greeks” leader

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Greek police arrested a policeman who was ‘following’ Panos Kammenos, leader of nationalist party “Independent Greeks”. According to media reports, Kammenos sought the aid of police after his personal security men realized a man on a motorcycle was following his car when he left his home to go to the Parliament on Monday morning.

Speaking to Proto Thema, Kammenos said that his “personal security guards saw an unknown man on a motorcycle without plate numbers to follow his car when he left his home this morning. They immediately called the police.”

When the policemen located and stopped the suspicious man at Syggrou Avenue, there were stunned to hear the ‘suspect’ was a colleague of theirs working for the security department of Greek police.

Panos Kammenos immediately contacted Minister of Citizen Protection & Public Order, Nikos Dendias, and demanded explanations and immediate clarification of the case.

UPDATE: ” I did not follow Kammenos, but a woman” the arrested policeman told his colleagues during an interrogation conducted by the internal affairs department of Greek police. The policeman claimed, he followed a woman upon request by a well-known jeweller.

The Internal Affairs Dept has still to cross check the policeman’s claims and to find out what kind of services the arrested has been offering to a private person. (Proto Thema, 8:30 p.m.)

PS The leader of a political party elected to the parliament under police surveillance? Weird…