Greek PM Samaras wants 15% flate rate tax for enterpreneurs to boost investment

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Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras sent a message to the Troika to reduce tax rates in order to get investors in Greece. Speaking to the event “Development Strategy: Europe 2020 – Fostering Business Collaborations in Greece”, Samaras called for the introduction of a single tax rate (flat tax) of 15% for  entrepreneurs.

Samaras said that Greece will not be able to attract investments when competitor countries such as Turkey, apply much lower tax rates.

“Reducing the tax rates will create incentives for taxpayers and businesses to pay their obligations.

The prime minister added that at this time, in this situation, he can not commit to a fair, clear and development-boosting tax system, but that the government’s priority is to stabilize high budget surpluses for the next year because “as you meet the targets, tax rates will be lowered.”

“Only through private initiative we will able to emerge from the crisis,” said Samaras and emphasized the need to streamline the institutional framework of exports.

PS Taking into consideration that the Troika refuses even to lower the Value Added Tax from 23% to 19%, I assume Samaras’ proposal for a flat tax rate cannot be implemented before 2020. Exactly as the title of the event. But nice try lol