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Athens: anti-terror police finds car full of weapons and cartridges

Anti-terror police is conducting extensive research in two home in Athens and Piraeus after a a private vehicle was found to contain a weapons arsenal: two kalasnikov assault rifles, three full magazines, three empty magazines, 720 cartridges of 7,62mm diameter, four grenades and a pair of cloth gloves.

According to Greek media, the car was rented and was parked in the private parking slot of an apartments-building in Exarchia district of Athens on Tuesday evening.

Units of anti-terror police are conducting research in one of the apartments in Exarchia and one apartment in Piraeus.

According to website Zougla, the case has to do with one 35-year-old man who was arrested in 2005 for stealing riot police shields but who was acquitted in court.

Proto Thema reports that the 35-year-old man had rented the car on March 6th and was supposed to return it  on March 10th. As this had not happened, the company informed the police that accidentally located the car.

First information speak of possible connections to the urban guerrilla group “conspiracy of the cells of fire” and the Velvento bank robbery.

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