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Daily Archives: March 30, 2013

Patras: mice eat pensioner’s savings hidden in home basement

A Greek pensioner was very worried about his savings amid the bad example of Cyprus crisis and the Eurogroup decisions to grab people’s deposits. The man from Patras in western Peloponnese went recently to the bank and withdrew his savings: 25,000 euro. He stuffed the money cartons full of books …

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Bank of Cyprus depositors may face 60% haircut

Deposits haircut in the Bank of Cyprus can be much higher than expected. While the real haircut may be at least 37.5% for deposits over 100,000 euro, another 22.5% may be ‘frozen’ and land on a special fund for an unspecified time. “Wealthy depositors in the Bank of Cyprus could face …

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Woman shot dead after being caught in crossfire between robbers and police

An unbelievable tragedy occurred Friday night, when a 25-year old woman came in crossfire between armed robbers and police. The woman was driving in the Isthmia area when she accidentally came in the crossfire between Greek police and robbers armed with kalashnikov weapons. A blind bullet hit the car and  wounded her on the …

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