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Woman shot dead after being caught in crossfire between robbers and police

An unbelievable tragedy occurred Friday night, when a 25-year old woman came in crossfire between armed robbers and police. The woman was driving in the Isthmia area when she accidentally came in the crossfire between Greek police and robbers armed with kalashnikov weapons.


A blind bullet hit the car and  wounded her on the back. the woman was speaking on her mobile with a friend when she was hit by the bullet. The friend reportedly alarmed police and an ambulance.

the 25-year-old died short after she was transported to hospital.

According to latest information, the bullet apparently ostracized at least two times before injuring her in the liver.

video: after the shooting

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Earlier, the robbers had attacked a tavern in Mandra Attikis, immobilized owners and customers, seized money and the tavern opwner’s car  and fled. Police managed to track them but the robbers apparently lurked their chasers. A heavy exchange of shooting was taking place, when the woman happened to drive on the very same road…

The robbers managed to flee and the police made public the stolen car data: A black SUBARU FORESTER with car plate number: YPO-1394.

Police has launched a man hunting in the prefecture of Argolida.

UPDATE: “forensics showed that the woman was killed by a bullet fired from a kalashnikov weapon”, Greek media reported on Saturday evening.

more pictures and videos: korinthostv

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