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Delivery boys and Couriers on 24-hour strike May 25/2017

A strike we have never seen before in Greece. Delivery boys, Couriers and other workers on motorbikes launch a 24-hours strike on Thursday, May 25. They demand corporate motorbikes, protection equipment, a collective bargain that will secure payments incl overtime as wells as social security stamps for ‘unhealthy professions’ and the introduction of their professional description as “Motorbike Driver-Courier.”

The strike has been announced through flyers and posts on social media and is organized by the union Assembly of Workers on Motorbikes (SVEOD).

Workers in fast-food delivery and courier services will gather at 11 a.m. Thursday at Pedion toy  Areos Square in downtown Athens and will proceed with a protest rally on motorbikes.

What they demand is:

Corporate motorbikes: So far, employers are not obliged to provide corporate bicycles to employees. Distributors use their own motorbikes and bear the cost for maintenance, insurance and fuel

Protection Equipment: Most companies do not provide complete personal protective equipment. Distributors claim helmet, neck scarf,  jacket-gloves-pants-motor boots, waterproof jackets and reflectors.

Unhealthy profession stamps: the profession of distributor is not included in the category of “unhealthy professions”, despite the fact that they work regardless of weather conditions.

Professional title as “Motorbike Driver – Courier

A collective bargain agreement.

In a statement, the organizers note that they are “all-weather workers who are often being used for all kinds of chore. “They often call us the kids with the bikes or the kids for the errands.

Most of “Our employers have created their own version of I do not pay [movement]. They do not pay over time we are entitled to receive. This is 25% surcharge for work after 10 pm, a 75% surcharge on Sundays and a 100% on holidays,” they stress and add that they do not receive bonuses and allowances or proper overtime payment.

“Particularly in the fast-food business they do not receive “a single euro for motorbike maintenance and fuel expenses”. And this practice extends also into the courier business, they note.

One of the strikers’ posters urge people to refrain from ordering food but Cook instead. They have posted a full “Success Recipe” for a dish with pasta in bacon-mushroom-creme sauce.

The union SVEOD was established in 2007 with the aim to improve the working conditions of those working on two wheels distributors, couriers and in fast-food delivery.

Three workers on motorbikes have lost their lives in recent years.

KTG understands that the strike is planned for Athens and will not affect other cities.

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  1. Now I have heard it all!

    Maybe the senior citizens can take over?
    Whats left in Greece other than elderly and illegals.

    Innovation capital of Europe!

    I do not see as many posts as before. It must be the fault of the Greek education system.
    Greeks wanting to post a comment probably cant figure out the calculation at the bottom and
    thus cant get anything submitted……….

    shlomo has spoken!

  2. Delivery boys have always been treated badly, without insurance, etc.
    What has changed that they started striking?
    I actually agree that they are treated really badly, but my motto in this case is THIS IS GREECE, and i really cannot see their rights changing. Most employers cannot afford to pay them 40% IKA or pay for their motorbikes, helmets, etc. Greece is a poor country.

    The only ones probably not striking are people like Dominos Pizza, as their bikes are owned by the company, they are paid insurance and all their equipment/petrol is paid for.

    It’s a shame Greece is coming to this, but not completely unexpected. When a country is run in a bad way from top to bottom, it is inevitable it will collapse.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    other fast-food companies provide motorbikes as well.