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Village priest executes his own dog, claims he was sick with Kalazar

Local police arrested a priest who shot and executed his own dog with a rifle in front of his neighbors.  According to the neighbors and eyewitnesses, the priest, a resident of village Aipeia in Messinia, Peloponnese, on Thursday evening. He was pulling the dog with a rope, while he was holding a rifle on the other hand.

In quick movements, he tied the dog on a tree in a land plot and executed him.

The neighbors who could not believe their eyes, called the police.

The 74-year-old priest reportedly admitted the killing and told police that he shot the dog because he was sick with kalazar (leishmaniasis) and he did not want to see the dog die in pain.

A leishmaniasis is a disease that can be treated if not in severe form. But even then, there is a humane way to release any animal from the suffering. But there are ignorant people with no compassion for the creatures on this world. Even if they praise Christian love.

The priest spent a night in custody and was taken to prosecutor on charges of killing a companion animal and illegal possession of a weapon. He was set free, his trial is scheduled on Monday.

The offenses can put him a year behind bars and impose a fine of 5,000 to 15,000 euros.

It is the second priest who shoots and kills animals with a rifle. Last April, a priest shot two dogs because they had entered his home yard in a village near Patras, also in Peloponnese.

PS I am sure you can imagine the harsh comments Greek internet users posted under a video shot by one of the neighbors, showing the poor dog laying in a lake of blood.

What a ‘holy’ man…

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  1. How cruel to his dog. Obviously a Priest with nil compassion. If the dog was indeed sick it could have been humanely put to sleep or indeed treated by a vet. SHAME on a Man of God. Absolutely disgusted with him.

  2. an animal should be put down humanely if sick,you do not take it into your own hands and kill a animal poor thing what is wrong with people, priest or no priest they should pay for what they have done

  3. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    I think we all know which animal was sick — and it was not the dog.

  4. It is unfortunate that there do seem to be a very large number of people in Greece who do not see dogs and cats as sentient beings with wants, needs and feelings. To far to many people they are just things, no more important than a car or bicycle. We see many ‘balcony dogs’ here that never go out for walks, they spend their whole life on a roof, or sometimes on a tiny balcony. Dogs are pack animals, they don’t care if the rest of their pack is human, but they do need to feel they belong. If you’re not prepared to make a dog part of your close family then please don’t get one.

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    so it is. and for some cars are more important than their own dogs…

  6. I may well be wrong, but I remember hearing once that the Orthodox Church teaches that animals don’t have souls. If this is the case, then some followers of the Orthodox Church — including its priests — may feel justified in their appalling treatment of animals and the Church itself must therefore accept at least some of the blame.

    As I say, though, I might be misinformed about this, so feel free to correct me.

  7. keeptalkinggreece

    unfortunately, you’re right

  8. What’s the big deal? If true, so what? People kill animals to put them out of pain and suffering every day. But I question the truth of this story: In fact Orthodox priests do not kill, it is not allowed, even if they raise animals for meat, someone else must do the killing, nor do they hunt or anything involving killing. so I am a little suspicious of this story. And no way would a priest or anyone be put in jail for killing a dog, let alone put on trial. This is absolutely ridiculous nonsense. This story is probably manufactured by foreign animal rights loonies. Cut the crap about Greece. We do not abuse animals here. I suggest people mind their own business and stop spreading lies.