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Murder in Athens Cemetery: Young Financial Crimes Inspector stabbed to death

A young woman was stabbed and bled to death in a cemetery in Athens on Wednesday afternoon. The 32-year-old was working at the judicial department of the Financial Crimes Units (SDOE) of the Greek Finance Ministry.

The young woman was reportedly stabbed in the back several times, while she had injuries also in the head and her hands.

According to information so far, there are indications that a brawl between the victim and the attacker took place.After the first stabs, the victim crawled a couple of meters away in an effort to escape the attack, but the perpetrator caught her and stabbed her again.

Eye-witnesses like the priest on duty at the cemetery told media that she had walked some 80 meters calling for help before she collapsed on another grave. A young man found her the priest said adding that when he came close, the woman was dying.  “She whispered help” and passed away a couple of minutes later.

ANT1 TV reported Thursday noon, that the victim was stabbed 14 times, while her mobile phone and money were stolen.

The priest said that at this time there were not many people in the cemetery.

Right after it was informed about the case, police ceased the Urban Train traffic in the area, suspecting that the murderer may have jumped into a train in order to leave the area as soon as possible.

Theodora Zeberi was working in SDOe in Piraeus

The woman had visited the cemetery in order to light a candle at the grave of  her fiance who had recently passed away. This habit of hers was known to her friends on social media as she was posting about in her Facebook account.

The murder took place around 5 o’ clock Wednesday afteroon in the 2. Cemetery of Athens in Ano Patisia district of the Greek capital.

“Ορκίζομαι στον τάφο του παιδιού μου ότι θα σκοτώσω τον δολοφόνο” – Ξέσπασμα του πατέρα της 32χρονης που δολοφονήθηκε στο Β’ Νεκροταφείο |

Speaking to several media on Thursday morning, her father said he was convinced that the murder had to do with the SDOE cases his daughter was dealing with. Asked whether his daughter was receiving direct threats, he said “all those dealing with such cases receive threats,” however he noted that she was not threatened lately.

He added that his daughter “was dealing with the Lagarde-List and other 5-6 lists” containing names of tax evaders and that she has been working for SDOE in the last six years.

“They are paid murderers” the desperate father claimed calling on “SDOE to come out and tell the Greek people who killed my child.” Furthermore, he blamed the state for not providing the necessarily security to citizens.

Police sources told athensnewsagency that “so far there is no no indication whatsoever linking the murder with the fact that she was working at SDOE,” however, the source added that “all other options are open.”

According to some media, police is investigating the possibility of a robbery attempt as some personal items of the victim were stolen, while it cannot exclude “a private dispute” or even a motive in connection with her work at SDOE.

The chairman of the Independent Authority for Public Revenues, Giorgos Pitsilis, said that all SDOE services are at the disposal of the police.

An autopsy is to be conducted today, police investigation is in full swing.

A murder in a cemetery? I think this is unprecedented in Greece.

PS There are no security guards in cemeteries, except the municipality personnel sitting in a building at the gate. Occasionally it can get real creepy in terms of safety when one pays a visit to the grave of a beloved one late in the afternoon.

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