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Earthquake 4.5R rattles Athens, causes concern among residents due to powerful tremor

A strong earthquake stoke Greek capital Athens a few minutes after 10:00 p.m. Monday.  The tremor was powerful and of some duration and caused concern among residents of Athens and the suburbs. Preliminary estimations refer to 4.5 R.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 28 km North-East of the Greek capital in Stamata/Marathonas and had a focal depth of 5 km.

No injuries or damages have been reported so far.


I must say it was the first time ever I felt an earthquake of such powerful tremor and first time ever I saw cats jumping in fear.

I was half-laying on the couch, with the younger cat on the feet. Just when I was grabbing for my cigarettes, I thought the older cat had suddenly jumped with all her weight on the couch for a fight. The couch rattled with a noise, kind of swaying coming from the floor. No handing lamp was shaking though. It was all too quick and I had to rush on internet to check if it was an earthquake. It was.

Many Greeks on Twitter, residents of Athens and the suburbs had the same experience of a “very powerful tremor.”

It turned out the poor older had been laying in front of the radiator, on her mattress on the ground and the poor animal must have felt it so strong that she run to me but had not jump. She disappeared under the coffee table and the kitten under the other couch. We live on an upper floor. #Phew

Although moderate in terms of Richter measurement, the earthquake was also felt in other regions. Due to the focal depth, I suppose.

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