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“Term Macedonia does not belong exclusively to Greece,” says FYROM FM Dimitrov

Foreign Minister of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, said that the use of term Macedonia is not an exclusive privilege of Greece.

In an interview with Skopje’s television station TV21, Dimitrov said that “term Macedonia does not belong exclusively to Greece or Macedonia [FYROM] because it relates to a big geographic area. In this sense the real answer to irredentism is the principle of non exclusivity.”

Claiming that term Macedonia should be “used on equal terms by both countries,” Dimitrov is quoted by Greek media saying further “for Greece there should be a clear distinction between the country [FYROM] and the Greek region Macedonia, for us it is important that there are no doubts with regards to matters of identity.”

“We must find a descent way to explain this and process it,” the foreign minister said.

He noted that “the two sides have the right to use the term, the name and the components in different frameworks. The principle of non-exclusivity or non-monopoly is the lack of the right to have exclusive use of the term Macedonia as Macedonia.”

Dimitrov’s comments come as the two sides prepare to start exploratory talks on the name dispute under the auspices of the United Nations with the mediation of Special Envoy Mattheu Niemitz, in New York on January 19th.

PS I have the suspicion FYROM’s FM was just a tiny little step before asking Greece to change the name of its region Macedonia but did not do that in order to avoid torpedoing the negotiation talks. Blame diplomacy and Skopje’s ambition to finally join the EU and the NATO.

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  1. I can’t understand why they can’t just call it ‘North Macedonia’, or ‘Republic of North Macedonia’, and the Greek bit ‘South Macedonia’. The Greeks are being unreasonably intransigent about it, to my mind. People don’t have any trouble distinguishing between North and South Korea, do they?

  2. @nisakiman Nor is there any problem differentiating between Ireland and Northern Ireland! With so many really serious problems that Greece has it is sad to see politicians wasting the nation’s time and money with such deliberations. But politics always has little to do with common sense. Anyone who considers FYROM as a future enemy should look at Brussels first.

  3. The Greeks are reasonable. Your analogy to North and South Korea for instance is a bad example as both countries include the name Korea.

    In the case of Greece and Macedonia this is however not the case as the Greek northern state of Macedonia is not necessarily distinguisable in a map.

    Besides the name dispute the “FYROMiams” stole the history of (Greek) Macedonia and made it theirs.
    Look up your ancient history; the ancient Macedonians spoke and wrote in a Greek dialect.
    The evidence can not be refuted as artifacts and genuine history prove it.

    To add insult to injury, FYROM named their airport Alexander the Great.
    They copied to a large extent the Greek Macedonian state flag. When will it end?

    FYROM has systematically manipulated history, brainwashed their people and the world to believe that they are the true Macedonians.

    I don’t really believe in karma but I think FYROM one day will pay a price for their dirty tricks. The substantial Albanian population will give FYROM a taste of its own medicine.

    Btw, If I was Greece i would retaliate by changing the name of Greece to something like the Republic of Greece and Macedonia. Lets see how FYROM reacts to that.

    Sadly, I feel that it may be a little too late for Greece as FYROM has support from the USA, UN and numerous countries.
    Seems like their systematic plan had worked.

    Next stop for FYROM will be to claim Northern Greece. Watch this space.

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