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Minister Toskas says Greek Police to recruit foreigners

Minister for Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas, announced that Greek Police will recruit foreigners living in Greece. Citing the example of Scotland Yard, Toskas said “We are obliged to examine such an approach so that we can maintain order in the best possible way.”

According to a report by daily Ta Nea, Toskas said police officers must speak the language of a group of migrants or other minorities when they approach them.

Revealing that the Greek Police has recruited already Albanians, Toskas said “in the same manner we can recruit people form other social groups.”

He stressed that legislative intervention are necessary for the recruiting of foreigners.

Tokas reportedly made this statements while visiting London. –

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  1. Basket Of Deplorables

    Imagine how nothing could go wrong with this. Greece please don’t commit suicide like Sweden has done. Greece is still a nice, calm, relaxed country to live in. The last thing anyone needs here is dangerous ghettos, no go zones and worse! Learn from the mistakes of the rest of Western Europe. Keep Greece part of the isolated European east!

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