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Macedonia protest in Patras scheduled for Feb 25 cancelled

The Macedonia protest scheduled for February 25th in the city of Patras has been canceled. The organizer, a 22-year-old student, announced the cancellation with a post in social media where the promotion was been conducted.  The student said in a post of Facebook that the protest is being cancelled due to organizational and security issues.

“For important reasons of organization and security it is clearly better if some ‘powerful’ organizations or bodies organize the protest if and when they think it necessary,” the student posted.

Promotion for the protest was conducted via social media platforms, the organizer had a clear position against the term “Macedonia” be included in the new name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Some 1,500 people had reportedly expressed intention to join the protest.

It looks as if the organizer had also difficulties to receive a license for the scheduled protest by the local authorities in Patras apparently because the application was not clear and there were deficiency in organization and security.

The Macedonia protest in Athens was largely funded by Diaspora Greeks organizations, the one in Thessaloniki by local associations.

PS No resources, no protest…

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