Monday , December 18 2017
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Why Noah’s Ark would never have been built in Greece

You think, Noah would have been able to build the famous Ark in case he was living in Greece? That would be a very big #FAIL. The human-animal-rescue project would be have been able to conclude for three simple reasons: 1) the notorious Greek bureaucracy 2) the slowness of the Greek public sector …

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EU gets Nobel Prize …and lives happily ever after :)

Almost everyone went there. To Oslo, in Norway. More than 20 top EU leaders attended today’s awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union. The EU presidents, a lot of leaders of member-states. The EU sent three of its presidents ( van Rompuy, Barosso, Schulz) to collect the award …

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Greek women always knew: Greek men are mummy’s boys

Mummy’s best! What Greek women have been knowing for ages is now officially confirmed! Greek men love mummy above all! How do we know? They prefer to live with mum than going and live alone. Mummy doesn’t give just support and praise! Most important is that mummy washes and irons …

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