Saturday , February 24 2018
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Brainless perpetrators throw stones at trucks on the Ionian Highway

Horror on the Ionian Highway. Brainless perpetrators threw stones at trucks driving through the Ionian highway. The attacks occurred late Monday night. According to information obtained by  local media, five trucks suffered damages. The attacks occurred at the height of  the city of Messolonghi. Truck drivers are upset and …

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Ioannina: unpaid stockbreeders break into dairy company demanding their money

Stones flew through the air and tear gas was fired when angry milk producers broke into a dairy company in Ioannina, western Greece. Hundreds of milk farmers gathered on Friday morning outside “Dodoni” milc factory demanding their money. “We have been unpaid for four months, we cannot feed our families,” …

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Athens: Stones and Tear Gas in Anti-Austerity Protests

Riot police made extensive use of tear gas against hooded people hurling stones and molotov cocktail-bombs. However, private Mega TV reported that tear gas was fired also against the normal protesters, unionists, unorganized demonstrators and members of left parties. Short before 2 pm, a group of people wearing hoods hurled …

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Athens Protests: Stones & Tear Gas – Live Blogging in English

Blood is boiling, riot police is on alert and tension is high at the protests of unions from the public (ADEDY) and private (GSEE) sector on the day of the Greek general strike. Estimated some 15,000 people have flooded downtown Athens since the morning with banners, flags and slogans against the government and …

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