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Protesters storm State TV during Prime Time News

Maria Houkli/Prime Time News/NET   Photo: copied from blogs

Some 40  unemployed teachers have interrupted the prime time news of the Greek state television NET.

The protesters – unemployed teachers –  have managed to enter the building of State Boradcast Corp. ( ERT) after  a scuffle with security guards  it. Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou and several journalists were holding a panel discussion in a TV studio next to the prime time one. They were able to leave the studio and the building form the back door, since all the main exits were blocked by the teachers.

They protested against the imposed hiring freeze.

According to reports from Greek media and blogs the protesters entered the live-news studio and started to shout and insult the news presenter, Maria Houkli.  The news was interrupted.

Strong special police units were deployed at the building entrance and in the corridors of ERT.

There is a growing  outcry in the Greek society against the austerity measures imposed by IMF/EU .

The Education Minister is the third public person to become target of protesters after the chairman of Private Sector Trade Union and the former Chairman of the Greek Parliament ( see report 1st of May)

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How the News was interrupted – source : blogs

Videos from inside the studio/protesters – Source:

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