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Greek Financial Crisis causes Nightmares


I woke up screaming this morning….

I had a nightmare… I was taken “hostage” by a group of people. Were they the notorious and scary Bonds-Speculators? Were they my devoted blog-visitors?  Or even the no-returning visitors?

In my dream, we were all in a gothic-dark village – which is not odd, since I usually sleep with the lights turn off.

My abducters did not belong to the village. They were ‘foreigners’, even though I can’t recall what language they were speaking.

No matter what tricks I applied, they simply wouldn’t let me go free. Sadly and scary enough even the villagers had conspired with the foreigners.  And I had discovered their despicable plan: they were trying to get on hold of my wealth.

Apparently I was dreaming I was “rich”. I was dreaming not only I was “rich”, but I was a “rich hostage”. Exactly to say I was “a rich hostage trapped in a gothic-dark village”!

What’s the point of being rich if you can’t escape a ‘dark’ village?

And so here comes the question: what’s the point of being rich if you can’t escape a ‘dark’ village?

When I was younger, I was listening people’s saying that “money alone won’t make you happy”. Mostly they were middle-class elderly Grannies bringing up this sententious wisdom. Elderly Grannies, who had started poor but had managed to climb the social-classes step by step – maybe one step in ten years – through hard work and personal deprivation.

Their wisdom, long lost and forgotten yet saved on my memory hard disk forever,  had  never posed for me any philosophical dilemma… you know, one of the kind: Should I’d rather be “rich & unhappy” or “happy & poor”? While I am writing this, I realize, the answer comes flowing through my fingers and sets its obvious priorities: “Better Rich and Happy”!

Real life nightmare: Jobless in a bankrupt country

In my dream I was about to lose all my wealth and all my savings. While they were trying to tie me up and transport me out of the village, grinching with gloat and glowing eyes….  I woke up – even though with a scream.

In real life, the danger for a real person to lose all wealth and savings is to live inside the nightmare. Especially, if you are a real and hopeless jobless in a real and hopeless bankrupt country.

No matter how loud you scream…

After the nightmare in my dream I shouldn’t have sat at my desk and turn on my PC in real life. I should have enjoyed my coffee in the balcony, smell the flowers and play with the cat.

Instead I connected to internet to see

The Greek Stock Exchange plunging

The Euro-crisis deepening & European currency losing towards the Dollar (1,227)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel screaming at naked short-sellers (did she have a nightmare too, being abducted by naked short-sellers?)

Spanish PM Zapatero creating even more panic among short-selling speculators & CDSwappers

IMF-protests in Romania

The upcoming big scale strike, tomorrow in Greece.

I should have gone walking at the beach instead…

No matter how loud you scream, this financial nightmare seems never ending

*** I have a nice story about “How the Greek Crisis affects the average German”, contributed by blog-visitor “A.G.”. Hope to be able to post it tomorrow *****

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