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Crete: Drunken German sailors beat Greek port guards

A German-Greek “clash” took place last night, when German frigates crew members attacked Greek port guards. The incident took place at the port of Heraklion on Crete, when the Greeks asked the papers of the German drunken sailors as they were trying to enter the port.
Security measures are high at the port from the moment three German frigates with 670 Marines docked there on Thursday morning.
However the 15 sailors freaked out and started to use their feet and fists to defend their right to pass through the check point. Two Greeks got slightly injured, one was even taken to hospital.
Two 25-year old sailors were detained but quickly released as the Greeks filed not complaint against them.
The frigates are expected to stay in Heraklion until March 15, 2011. (Source: CretaLive )


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