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Kalavryta: Old man detained for feeding stray cats

It’s not a secret that we live in a country with a rather schizophrenic attitude towards stray animals. While laws against animal abusers mostly are not applying and municipalities neglect their duty to feed and care for the strays with the EU available funds, an old man finds himself in detention centre because he committed the ‘crime’ of feeding stray cats! Unbelievable? That’s Greece, folks!

The incident happened in the area of Kalavryta, Peloponnese. The ‘crime’ committed by a 73-year-old man was to give some food to the stray cats that were gathering at his house yard. Neighbors complained to the police about the cats’ mewing (!).

The police told them that it could only make recommendations, since cats did not belong to the old man. The annoyed neighbors went one step further and submitted written complaints to the Prosecutor of Patras!

The result was the old man was arrested and taken like a common criminal ot the police statiuon, where he was held until he would testify in front of the prosecutor.

 At the very end, the complaining neighbours felt bad about the progress of the case, however the troubled old man will have to wait for justice authorities to decided whether they will procecute him for the ‘serious’  misconduct of providing some food to hungry animals….

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  1. I thought romania was the only ( or most_) ferral country, when it comes to animal welfare…it is very sad for me to see that it’s not.

  2. Kudos to the gentleman for feeding the stray kitties, To the people who complained, they should be ashamed of themselves for their whining. This gentleman should not be detained for doing a good deed.
    I guess that’s what happens when you live in a backwards country..

  3. Well done on the 73yr old gentleman he should be recognised for his love and kindness for animals less fortunate.Bless him.The neighours should be named and shamed for their whining,pettiness,selfishness and the trivial reasons to have this saint a 73 yr old man arrested!!!Outrageous these folk are laughable!