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Greece: Increased AF Landings & Take Offs at Souda Bay

There is an increasing action of coalition aircraft at the air base of Souda bay on the island of Crete. According to latest reports (12:00 noon, local time) by state television NET, fighter jets are landing and taking off after refuelling. NET reported said that in the last hours, six aircraft of different types and nationality had refuelled at Souda. The six Mirage 2000 from Qatar are expected to arrive Monday afternoon.

There has been no news about the 10 Eurofighter and 8 Tornados for which UK requested permission.

Although Greece reiterates that it will participate in the UN No Fly Zone implementation only under NATO umbrella, it facilitates the Odyssey Dawn forces currently attacking Libya by giving them access to its military bases, primarily the Souda air and naval base, for refuelling. (read more here)

Last night we reported on the Coalitions Military Buildup in Greece:

“According to – officially unconfirmed – information:

– 6-8 Belgian F-16 are stationed at the Araxos air base.

– USA, UK, Belgium and Norway (six F-16)  have requested permits for the landing of  fighter jets and helicopters.

– Six Mirage 2000 from Qatar and six Mirage 2000 from France have requested refuelling permits.

– US navy fleet oiler USS Kanawha and  USS Robert E. Peary are at Souda bay.”

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