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Syros: Stones, Teargas and Chairs fly as students attempt to speak to the Greek PM (videos)

Teargas, stones, bitter oranges and even chairs flew in the air and clashes erupted between riot police and protesters on the island of Syros, as Highschool and University students attempted to speak to Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou , who was delivering a speech  -just  50 meters away.

The clash was sparked after a riot police officer sprayed teargas against the students. Minutes earlier the students had tried to convince  the municipality police to allow them approach the Culture Centre and speak to the prime minister about the government plans to merge schools and universities departments. As the convincing power of the students was not strong enough, they formed a  bodies-tsunami and tried even with sticks to confront the riot police.  The teargas spraying was a matter of police reflex. Angry students were screaming “This is your democracy! This is your democracy!”.


The one teargas brought several hurled bitter oranges and stones, the many teargas brought even flying chairs as the angry students poured out at the Ermoupolis main square and grabbed the coffee shops chairs hurling them against the riot police.

The clash occurred in front of the eyes of many middle aged and senior residents who in their turn were shouting to police: “They are children! They are children!”.  Local organisations issued statements accusing the riote police for “unjustified use of violence”.

High school, university students and parent organizations had gathered at the Miaoulis square of Ermoupolis to protest the merger of their schools. Some department changes of the Aegean University will even move the students from the island of Syros to the far away island of Mytilene – where there is not even a direct ship connection, much to my knowledge.

We have a Greek saying: “Where word won’t fall, there is a stick falling”. Maybe it’s slowly time for the government to start speaking with the several society interests groups  instead of hitting and … teargas spraying.

More Videos & pictures from local website :

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