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Greece: 6 F-16 from Norway to land at Souda bay tonight

0:58 Six F-16 Falcon fighter from Norway are expected to land tonight at the airbase of Souda bay, on the island of Crete. The fighter jets left Norway Monday afternoon – and they may have landed already, but we just not know it.

“Norway sent six F-16 Falcon fighters to join the UN-authorized military operation against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya. The Norwegian fighter jets will operate from one of the NATO airbases in the Mediterranean Sea”, the Norwegian NRK television and radio broadcasting station said on its website on Monday. (ops! I lost the website for the link :()

It looks as if a C-130 from Qatar, and six more F-16 (nationality not revealed ) are expected at Souda Bay on Tuesday. Possibility is open for 24 fighters to come for refuelling from UAE.

I wonder, where are the six  Mirage 2000 from Qatar, and the 10 Eurofighter & 8 Tornados from UK. French air craft carrier Charles de Gaulle is due to arrive off Crete within then next 24-36 hours.

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