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Odyssey Dawn – Greece: The latest from Souda bay military buildup

Greece’s military base at Souda base is developing into a key player for the coalitions forces bombarding defense positions in Libya in order to apply what diplomats call a No Fly Zone. A source at Greek Defense Ministry told portal onalert that 60 to 100 fighter aircraft are expected to use the bases of Souda (Crete), Andravida (Patras) and Aktio (Preveza) and that most probably also the air force bases at Araxos (Peloponnese), Kasteli (Crete) and Tanagra (Boeotia) will be used to absorb the huge amount of fighter jets.

Last night 6 F-16 and one C-130 form Norway landed at Souda. The eight F-16 from Belgium, currently stationed at Araxos, have requested a Souda deployment.

According to information, today there are expected at Souda:

– Six Mirage 2000 and 2 C-130 from Qatar.

– Three Mirage 2000 form UAE. In total 12 Mirage and 12 F-16 are expected from the United Arab Emirates.

– French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle with 14 Rafale is expected to sail Athens FIR, off south Crete, within the next 12-24 hours.

 A US nuclear-powered submarine is allegedly to arrive at Souda as well.

State television NET reported that in total 26 fighter jests have arrived in Greece during the last days.

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