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Athens: Teachers confronted with police, 8 detentions (video)

Schools teachers were confronted with riot police during the studentsparade on the occasion of the National Day celebrations to commemorate the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. The incidents started when teachers tried to break the riot police chain and walk at Amalias Avenue at Syntagma Square in Athens downtown, where the parade was taking place under the presence of Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou.  The police hindered the teachers and the small row that ended with the detention of eight people. They were later released.

School teachers were protesting governments’ plan to merger schools across the country. Teachers were chanting slogans against the mergers and the IMF-Memorandum.

Similra incidents of minor scale had occurred also a bit earlier as a group of artists tried to protest the IMF-memorandum. Riot police succeeded in dispersing this demonstration as well.

Video: Teachers – Detentions

After the parade, Education Minister Diamantopoulou made a statement and said : “The Greeks united proved, we can do miracles that leave the world speechless. In 1821 we managed to topple an  impervious empire. Today we have to overcome a crisis that seems  insuperable. We will manage this as always. It is in our hands.”

I raise my €uros-empty hand in a speechless protest….

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