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Long Time not See! IMF-guys are back, Suzanne!

Executives from International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the European Central Bank will be visiting Athens for an extraordinary medical test! They will check heart beat, liver and kidney values and take the market fever. This will certainly show hypothermia. Furthermore they will  suck our blood for several tests but for sure they will find no high cholesterol or sugar levels as Greeks have cut on meat and cookies- too expensive, guys!

On Monday morning a six-pack of vanguards from the Roman legion “The Troika” will arrive. Depending on the needs and issues to be discussed, two centurions, Poul Thomsen (IMF) and Servaas Deroose (EU), will arrive to hold out for the final combat against the uprising Mediterraneans. Most probably on April 8. They will open their fiscal battle maps and kill some more thousand wages and pensions… Later they will drown their regrets chewing in a bowl of molecular soup in uptown Athens or meet old friends in downtown Athens..

The visit has more to do with the fiscal minuses in Greece’s registers than with the formal evaluation for the fifth tranche of the €110 billion bailout. This will take place in May and the 12 billion euro tranche is due in June.

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