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Theodorakis /Kasimatis: IMF-Memorandum Against Greek Constitution

Greek musician Mikis Theodorakis and constitutional law professor Yiorgos Kasimatis  submitted an official note concerning the IMF/EU/ECB Memorandum of Understanding signed by Greece and questioned its compatibility with the constitution. The two men submitted their objection to Greek President Karolos Papoulias during a visit to presidential manor.
Theodorakis stressed that “the MoU and the loan agreements are constitutionally invalid, as they have not been signed by the 3/5 of the Parliament members nor by the President of the Republic but only by the Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou.”
 Furthermore Theodorakis, who launched an independent citizens’ movement called ‘Spitha’,  said after the meeting: 
“With the unacceptable surrender of Mr. Papandreou (Greek PM) we conceded a part of our national sovereignty. We had said that if the Memorandum was implemented our country would be led into chaos. We reached a point of no return. There is no other solution. That is why the government is seeking support in consensus and Europe is almost blackmailing  says that there must be national unity. But how can this happen when the two biggest parties don’t even have 40 % ?”  
“We are a vassal state, we are under occupation” said professor Kasimatis. “There is no other solution than the people take the issue in their hands.
He clarified that the conditions of the Memorandum and the loan agreement violated all the fundamental principles of the Constitution, of the European legality and the international law.
“There must be a government to ask the full cancellation of these agreements. If there’s to be no change the country will soon reach the bottom of chaos and disintegration”.
Meanwhile another law professor, Kostas Beis called people to an open meeting on May 31st for an event about the unconstitutionality of the Memorandum of Understanding and to show “how we got here”. Beis made the invite through a private television channel on Thursday. The event will take place outside the Athens University. 

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