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Greek gov’t to table proposal for inquiry into Loan Agreements (MoUs)

Left-wing SYRIZA tabling Tuesday evening a proposal for the establishment of a Parliament committee assigned to investigate the laon agreements (Memorandum of Undestanding) between previoous Greek governments and the country’s lenders IMF, EU and ECB. The inquiry will investigate the time periods October 2009 -May 2010 (Papandreou gov’t, 1. loan …

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“Greece is exiting the MoU” – any idea what does this mean?

I’ve been hearing the Greek government saying the whole time that “Greece is now exiting the Memorandum [of Understanding].  Any idea what does it mean? I am asking this because me, common Greek, understands under Memorandum strict austerity and over-taxation and unemployment and recession”. Any idea what the Greek government …

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Olli Rehn: Greek haircut did not happen in 2010 in order to save European banks and EU member states

It’s official! What we thought and reported about back in 2010 and 2011 about why there was no haircut of Greek debt, it’s been now officially confirmed by EU commissioner Olli Rehn. “Greek debt did not undergo restructuring ( haircut ) in 2010,  in order to avoid contagion of the …

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Troika bailout agreement: looting Cyprus natural resources

The final terms of the bailout agreement between the Cypriot government and the troika of international lenders are to be worked out and have been finalized until Thursday, in order to be approved by the Eurogroup working group. The deal is based on the bailout terms agreed last November with …

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Theodorakis /Kasimatis: IMF-Memorandum Against Greek Constitution

Greek musician Mikis Theodorakis and constitutional law professor Yiorgos Kasimatis  submitted an official note concerning the IMF/EU/ECB Memorandum of Understanding signed by Greece and questioned its compatibility with the constitution. The two men submitted their objection to Greek President Karolos Papoulias during a visit to presidential manor.   Theodorakis stressed …

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