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Unprecedented! 100,000 Greeks Protest in Athens, May 29

Impressive! More than 100,000 Greeks gathered in front of the Parliament at Syntagma Square to protest the austerity measures and express their discontent about the politicians. “Indignants” from all ages and social classes without political parties and ideologies joined their voices chanting “Thieves”, “Traitors” and “Shoo!”. In an unprecedented gathering of crowds Syntagma square and the surrounding streets were so full that the metro suspended its operation at 8.20 p.m. because the passengers could not come out of the station.

With drums, empty pots and whistles protesters created a blasting sound to those unwilling to hear.

At regular intervals the protesters raised their hands and directed them open palm and streched fingers to the Parliament building.

Typical Greek gesture “Moutza” or “Faskelo” insults the recipient and means “Go Blind”.

The main slogans that shoke the area are “Do the right thing, fall into the cliff”, “Hustlers in Jail”, “Bread-Education-Freedom! The junta didn’t end in ’73” “They turned our Greece into a bor…”


“EhEhEh Ohohoh Take the Memorandum and go way from here”, “We are not here for fun”


Namely targeted were the Prime Minister and the Deputy PM.

In an interview to Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper  Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos downgraded the mass protests saying “The formation of a political movement, even though this will displease the followers of the new technologies, does not depends on the “Likes” and Unlikes” of Facebook.”

At the park area of Syntagma Square where dozens camp in tents, public assemblies have been held. Protesters can make proposals that will be accepted with applause – the decisions are made public for everyone to read.

Local painters do their best to illustrate the mood against the IMF … with or without Strauss-Kahn

The protests will continue and Athens is expected to burst with people again on May 31, as academics have called for an open meeting outside the Athens University to inform the public about the constittution violation of the loan agreements between Greece and the IMF/EU/ECB lenders.

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