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Greek Politicians After the Austerity Package II (pcts)

A huge tsunami wave with taxes and income cuts has left Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington and is about to hit Greece. This is the first part of  a series of tsunamis that will keep hitting the Greeks for the next two decades. Sociologists have started already to figure out how the strict-stricter-strictest austerity measures affect the people – their lives, their appearance. A blogger from Thessaloniki though, a very creative man, concentrated on the mutation of the Greek politicians in an article called “The Bankruptcy of Politicians”. 

     George Papandreou – Prime Minister – Socialist – PASOK

     Kostas Karamanlis – PM 2004-2009 – Right – Nea Dimokratia

Theodoros Pangalos – Deputy PM – Socialist – PASOK

Antonis Samaras – main opposition – Right – Nea Dimokratia “Re-negotiation MoU Now!”

Dora Bakoyanni – former FM/now party leader – Neo-Liberal

See more pictures or more politicians in bankruptcy in vlavo.org


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