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Athens June 21-Protests & Confidence Vote – Live blogging

Estimated 30,000 “Indignant” Greeks have gathered outside the Greek Parliament on the 28th day of the protests. Chanting slogans, waving Greek flags and ‘attacking’ the Parliament building with laser teasers they try to influence the lawmakers inside the building. Tuesday midnight the vote of confidence for the reshuffled government will take place. The voting will be a kind of pre-test for the Mid-Term Austerity Programme to be voted at the end of the month.

Strong police forces took position already in the afternoon to protect lawmakers from the protesters.

Left-wing party MP reaching Parl. on motorbike

The police set a high barricade made of iron and plexiglass to secure a safe passage for the lawmakers. Tension arose when some protestors tried to raise a Greek flag on the barricade. The police took it down under the strong reaction of the people.


People shouting “Shame! Shame!”

Greece’s Council of State ruled that the Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and its lenders does not violate the Constitution due to the outstanding economic circumstances. It also ruled that there is no need of the  3/5 of the votes in the Parliament to have the MoU voted. This means, 151 votes will be necessary also for the Mid-Term Programme – and not 180 as Evangelos Venizelos had stated, before he became Minister for Finance.

I will  do some live blogging bringing up videos, pictures and news from the ‘happenings’  in and outside the Parliament.

However, do be surprised if KTG keeps silent without warning. Then there are electricity cuts across the country due to the strike of labour union of employees at the state electricity company.


Athens June 21-Protests & Confidence Vote – Live blogging

People banging pots and blwoing whistles chant “Thieves! Thieves!”

A group tried to wear black hoods. Protestors hindered them in order to avoid riots.

11.20 pm
the still some thousands protestors outside the Parliament. Inside, political leaders have concluded their speeches, Prime Minister George Papandreou to take the floor.

Voting will start at midnight

Tension as deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos said that “the country got the first democracy in 1981”.
Nea Dimocratia MP reacted strongly as ND founder Konstantinos Karamanlis was the first elected PM after the dictatorship in 1974.

ND lawmakers left the Plenar hall and are expected to return for the voting.

“indignant” Greeks set a ballot box at Syntagma Square and call people to cast a non-confidence vote.

Greek Finance Minister is “optimist” (At least one Greek is …)

PM PApandreou speaking ; critisizes the rating agencies.
Short version of his speech of last Sunday – please, check KTG

PM Primary Surplus fiscal goal for 2012 – ND policy leads to bankruptcy.

Voting starts in one minute – Open vote – names will be called – MPs will answer YES or NO #truedemocracy like in Antique times

no surprises so far. PASOK deputies vote YES, all the others NO
YES 14 NO 19


YES 70 NO 76

Live Cam in front of the Parliament


Vote concluded


counting the votes …..

1.00 a.m.

298 MPs voted

YES 155 N0 143

All PASOK deputies voted YES – Papandreou government won the vote of confidence!


After the voting, protesters outside the parliament hurled bottles of water.
Still 1,500 people outside
Police keeps an eye that lawmakers will leave the Parliament in safety.

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  1. Hi there,
    First off – great job keeping those of us in the english speaking world informed, I wondered if leading up to the vote of confidence you might want to watch the proceedings and update this liveblog with general themes and important points? I havn’t been able to find any service yet translating what’s taking place on the floor of the greek parliament right now, and I imagine it’s quite interesting.

  2. 155 Nai, 143 Ochi… and now? Large beer, frappé and Summer vacation?

  3. How will they get home? Those 298 parliamentarians? Through that dark en dimm park again? 😀