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Trikala: Youngsters Kill Ducklings in Municipality Park

An appalling spectacle was awaiting this morning the municipality workers of Trikala, when they went to clean the river bank of Lithaios. They found the bodies of the four little ducks living in a fenced area and swimming in the river, without a sign of life. The abused bodies of the ducklings were just laying dead near the fence. According to local portal Trikala News, the four ducklings had been drawn by unknown culprits, and thus youngsters, according to local information.


Visibly angered and outraged Deputy Mayor of Trikala Theodoros  Spanos told «This is an atrocious act of barbarity executed,according to my information, by a group of 4 young people today at dawn. I ask them to restore the  ducklings that give a pleasant touch to the city … alas, they fall into my hands”.

In one of the pictures showed that one duckling has been deprived of its feathers.

 The four ducks are were a mascot for the municipality park and the river, a spot of attraction for many children and tourists.

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  1. I say catch the little scum bags, shave their heads, tear their clothes off and walk them in streets with kicks in the ass for a week. Bloody little useless fried brains! then through them in a severe boot camp for the next 5 years!Without parental visits!

  2. And if the bloody parents don’t agree, throw THEM in training in a marine camp in Afghanistan!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      lol – sorry that I have to laugh about your vivid imagination… although the issue is sad and frightening when youngsters turn into animal-gangsters

  3. yeah! I understand your amusement… Pathos isn’t it? the typical picture, the typical acts of a bunch of future sociopaths…psychopaths…is very funny… after all, they only account for 4 % of society…although when let free, they end up doing 52 % of the worst crimes, violence, aberrations, economic diversions, found in societies… yeah, I guess my reaction is funny in a world such as this one… In a world where deceit is the norm… and where saying the truth becomes a revolutionary act. In a world where only BOOM on your own head counts. First they laugh at you, then they ostracise you, then they attack you… and then you…??? Do you know the answer my friend?