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Go Out and Scream!

Oh, I’m so sorry! The right post-title should be “Go Out and Swim!” Let the cool water embrace your body, let the salt make you feel like a human …quilt. Stretch out your arms and legs and let the soft waves carry you away.  Dive in the nature. You may feel a pinch in the shank while swimming. Don’t worry. It’s not an aggressive octopus or a Mediterranean Loch Nesh. It’s just small fish, pinching you and removing your skin dead cells. Something like a natural body scrub….  Just recently, a sown family masquerading as piranhas were pinching swimmers’ legs -again and again.  Weird that it happens in shallow waters…

Anyway,swimming is high on the agenda, because temperatures will continue to be above the average levels. 38 degrees Celsius in the shade today as well, the thermometer showed on my balcony. The meltemi blowing from the North did indeed threw the big flower pot on the back balcony, but it didn’t give the anticipated cool breeze to the walls of a flat, ‘beaten’ by the sun all through the day. 

Voula Free Beach, Athens

I want to leave without comment the incredible fuggy atmosphere outside, especially in the midday hours.

Add ‘swimming’ on your daily programme, because temperatures will reach even 40° C in the next days, so they forecast and claim.

However, if you sit somewhere bathed in sweat and unable to go swimming, then the original title of this post was right. Go Out and Scream!


Voula Beach, Athens




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