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Operation “Block the Troika” – Greek CSs “Occupy” Ministries (pcts, video)

Hundreds of civil servants ‘occupied’ several ministries since the early morning hours and hindered government officials but also Troika representatives to enter the buildings in order to protest wages cuts and ‘labour reserve’. Currently nine ministries, among others these of  health, justice, interior, finance, are formally blocked, while the civil servants intend to expand their actions to more state buildings and thus for 48 hours.

Εικόνα από την κινητοποίηση στο υπουργείο Εσωτερικών

Interior Ministry

On Thursday morning, protesters hindered one Troika technocrat to enter the Finance Ministry. When the lost-in-IMF-space man attempted to walk under the protest banner,  protesters booed him, chanted “Go Home!” and removed him – kindly, I suppose-  from the entrance area.


Troika man ipads IMF-Poul Thomsen for Help –

         I hope he is not one of them or them lol

Video: outside the Finance Ministry

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