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Retired Army Officers Protest Outside Defense Ministry – again…

Some 300 retired army officers have gathered outside the Defense Ministry in Athens to protest income cuts and the “depreciation of Greek armed forces by the government.” However before even the retired officers appeared at the gate, riot police forces had taken position in order to prevent a break in the Ministry as it happened last week. This morning the retired officers started their protest with military marches.

Video: protesting retired army officers

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They seek an appointment with the Minister who happens to be absent. They also asked a meeting with the Chief of the Armed Forces but that was not possible either due to lack of the necessary permission by the political leadership.

To Be Continued….

 Pictures and video in newsit.gr

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  1. I wonder if the Riot Police/MATT ever have a strike? And if they did, who would be the RIOT POLICE to stop them since they were already on strike?

    Also, would the hooligans in Exarchia help the government to stop the protesting RIOT Police/MATT? That’s a good question I think.

    • Because all citizens are very happy with the way the riot police “maintain order” I’m sure they would help them to have the longest strike in their lives …