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Sarkozy to Obama: Papandreou is “crazy” and “depressive”

Oh là là ! President Nicholas Sarkozy allegedly used some ….”French” to describe George Papandreou’s mental state. According to Le Parisien, Sarkozy told US president Barack Obama, that Papandreou is ‘crazy” and ‘depressive”. The secret dialogue between the two presidents took place in a …dark corner of G-20 meeting in Cannes last week away from the journalists. But it looks as if somebody leaked it to the French press. (Link Le ).

Sarkozy also described as “liar” Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. “You’re tired of him but me, I must deal with him every day!” replied Barack Obama, according to the translation of his interpreter in French.

On Wednesday and after the news reached Greece, -still- PM George Papandreou picked up the phone and called Sarkozy. Papandreou briefed Sarkozy on the new Greek government and told him he took initiatives for the implementation of the Oct 26th agreement, according to the statement by Greece’s PM’s office.

[PS unofficialy George might have told Nicholas something in “French” too :)]

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  1. I don’t like Sark. But at the moment I can empathize so well how he must feel every time he sees that smiling jovial face coming through the door. Or that optimistic almost laughing voice is coming through the phone… The phrase “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” (“I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts”) is ready to be changed in “I fear the Greeks, even those who are debonair” 😉

  2. Seeing what is happening in Greece it makes me understand why ordinary Greeks dont think high of their political class.

    However I actually have a very good opinion of Mr. Papandreou. I believe that he has sacrificed himself for the Greeks and his country. Most other prime ministers would have tried to stay in power as long as possible doing as less as possible for the people and as much as possible for themselves.
    He had to make the most hurtful decissions for Greece and if anybody thinks that there would have been another way as Mr. Samaras implicates it… Please think again!

    Unlike his father and grandfather who were part of the problem he is the first in his family to be part of the solution.
    He is a great Greek in my eyes of whom the country can be proud of!

    • Why he takes actions or make statements that trigger markets uproar is a ‘puzzle’ to all Greeks

    • “He had to make the most hurtful decissions for Greece and if anybody thinks that there would have been another way as Mr. Samaras implicates it…”

      If he would HAVE made decisions for Greece, everybody would see him as an hero. But he made only decisions for GPap and the decision for Greece was to stall, stall, stall. And no, nobody thinks here that there would be another way with Sam. One is as narcissistic as the other.
      But we now see these Dorian Grays for what they really are.

  3. I dont think that is his fault. The markets are not reasonable people but consist out of speculators. If he would have not made those comments the markets would have found another reason to uproar. They want to make money of the costs of the ordinary European citizen and they are earning millions on it. For them its just a big game!

    Once the new government will be finally set and working it will approve the bailout and the further austerity measures (which will be hard for all Greeks for the next 10-15 years)and the markets will find some more reason to uproar and if its not on Greece it will be on Italy.

    The absolut power politician Samaras will be next! Lets see if he will do better but I doubt it heavily!