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ANGOLAS MERKOZY: The Ugly Face of New Europe

This is a picture, a photomontage, that you can show your children and threaten them “MERKOZY will get you, if you don’t eat your dinner!”. The same picture and the same threat you can use with your wife or husband,  your pensioner parents, your teenager kids if they complain about the austerity in your pockets.  

Europe’s New Ruler: ANGOLAS MERKOZY

The picture of MERKOZY was created in the evil photoshop laboratories of German populist daily BILD, that writes in the article featuring the New Monster in Europe:

MERKOZY – Does new Europe look like that?

Germany and France want to be the core of the Continent.

Nothing works in Europe without “Merkozy”! The power duo from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. As a man (or woman …) they want to save Europe.

Diligently they are now preparing their Euro-coup: an individual contract for more Euro-stability with a significant German handwriting. The other Eurozone and EU states can sign it too – or not. It is the opposite of the usual procedure, where 27 EU member states must negotiate until all agree.


Fact is: Merkeland Sarkozy were never so close as they are now. At their meetings they need “just the distance from the car to the conversation room, to clarify what they will do,” Berlin lets us know. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said yesterday: “France and Germany have a leadership responsibility.” (BILD Zeitung)

If THIS is the new face of Europe I must say, it looks incredible ugly – literally and metaphorically! Nah, how is this word beginning with “fasc….”?


      The Big EUROPE-Brrrrrrrrrrr…..

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  1. I find this fairly offensive as does my Greek husband. Greece got where they are today all by themselves and now want someone else to open their piggy bank for them. Doesn’t work that way. In real life them that’s got the mone also has the power. I am reminded of that fact if I pay my mortgage late. I risk loosing my house. Just for info Toronto issued 1500 pink slips to city workers today and they don’t get to go in a reserve pool, they are just out of work.

    • “offensive” is the way Merkel and Sakrozy on her tail treat their EU-partners. If it is true what BILD writes, that they both sign a euro-agrrement and the rest of Europe can see what it does with it, then this has nothing to do with the EU spirit. I don’t remember any EU Treaty saying it will be ruled by Germany & France. It’s an issue of democracy and cooperation and this is ugly as the German picture shows.
      the criticism has nothing to do with the Greek-debt crisis.

      • Germany and France can only do so much as the other countries let them. So if they get away with murder every European citizen has the duty to get it’s own government over a barrel.
        Sorry, but to me narrowing this issue into a personal farce is the other side of the same coin. So in this respect I have to agree with Rositta.

    • ” Greece got where they are today all by themselves ”

      Sorry, but you are wrong here. Greece got where it is now with great help of Germany, France and IMF, just simply by accepting the bid Greece has presented to join Euro-zone.

      You see, you have two jobs and you have for example two candidates bid for it. Two exactly same jobs. The first person asks 10k a year and he gets the job. Second person requests 20k and he also gets job. Now the one who gets 10k is saying wait a minute – not fair I have only 10 and he has 20. So, the boss says – sorry – it is your fault- you did not ask for more 🙂

      So who guilt it is?

  2. ‘Fascinating’ might be the word you are looking for? 😀

  3. With all due … I also do not like Merkel. I have not chosen and not our governments before. but:

    even thought about it that she plays poker? That she will be kicked out of the €? Back to national currencies?

    We can not get out. Then again we are the evil!

    But she does cheeky requirements, then the other angry and throw us out? What follows is not our fault again?

    Think of the German history … we are the evil! And we have still no peace treaty! Only a ceasefire with the squatters … the Allies: GB, F, USA

    And, please: we Germans are not the bankers or the goverment!

    • no Peace Treaty yet? high time to sing one.

      • They don’t even have a constitution. That’s the reason their so called “constitution” isn’t called constitution. The after-war-plan said: “Referendum to make the constitution legal” and that never happened. All German laws, governments and their decisions are illegal.
        A similar thing happened with the reunification and again the deal with the allies was ignored, no referendum held. And so their is no real Germany that could be asked to pay the reparations aso

    • GB is an island not a country; you mean UK, France & USA?

  4. Did Serbia split Merkozy?
    France is lobbying for Serbia to get in and Germany is saying – you Serbs are not ready for EU.
    fight ….fight …. fight ….

  5. I have to agree with Rosita as well. No one forced Greece to join the EU or accept the Goldman Sach proposals etc. They could have just admitted their financial issues long ago.

    So, unfortunately, Socialism is great, until you run out of other people’s money.

    I hope Greece comes back stronger (and independent) and smarter than before.

    • it seems hardly someone reads my comment to Rosita 🙁

    • No one asked the Greek people either if they wanted to be a part of it!!! No one told the Greeks the truth about the countries financial situation and you had to dig deep to find anything about it. Probably hardly possible within Greece, but abroad it was..

      And its got nothing to do with socialism either!!!!!!! Thats the usual bla bla from people who are so blue they cant see the forrest for just trees!! Socialists and conservatives, they all ate the money!!!!!!…….

      Its funny (I can only laugh about it, because im tired of losing my temper about it), but then its written Greece is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Comes as no suprise to people living here. BUT straight away, its claimed that its corrupt because the Greeks like to pay money under the table.. Ones again shows how little people know and understand. Sure, its freaking wonderful and absolutly funny having to pay 1000 euro under the table to be operated. We are laughing the whole freaking way to the operation-room..

      The system here have to be changed. Kicking out taxes helps nothing. And as long as they dont go after the big fishes, I have no respect for them. Merkel and her gang all know this and they hold they protect them.. If they were so freaking interested in getting Greece up runing, proper, they would make sure these assholes pay and not sit and eat dinner with them!!..

    • iaourti iaourtaki

      Greece was already an associated EU-candidate before the Junta time and after the dictatorship joining the EU was also meant as an antifascist move; Portugal and Spain did the same!
      With that background one could easily say all 3 were “forced”.
      That reminds me of all this propaganda aka “Greece was always broke since 180 years” and nobody looks into the picture of being broke after 400 years of osman or 3 years goose-steppers’ smart economy making the country stone broke. (Just imaging the Red Indians’ Amerika if the Europeans would leave their territory after only 250 years.)
      If there would have been any “Socialism” in Greece be sure nobody would have been working with Golden Saxons. The only times of some socialism in Greece were may be in the not occupied areas under the Turkish and German occupations.
      Anyway, regarding the name history an Europe without Greece must simply change it’s name.

  6. If we want to see a shift in power in Europe everyone outside France and Germany needs to boycott those two countries NOW. It really is that simple!