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Barroso Implies & Warns Greece with Euro-Exit

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso warned Greece that the debt-ridden country had to meet its commitments towards its Euro-zone partners, otherwise it might have to leave the EZ  as he implied. In an interview to German conservative daily «Die Welt»  Barroso stressed among others that the kind of aid to Greece with the participation of private investors would not be repeated for other members in need. And that Changes in the EU Treaty, as proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Frnech Presiden Nicholas Sarkozy, may need four to five months. Upon a question by DIE WELT as to whether the Eurozone is conceivable without Greece, Barroso answered:

“If Greece keeps its commitments, it is unthinkable. IF not, we must make thoughts about it. But it would be a bad signals for the markets, should the EZ lose one of its members.”

Welt Online: Ist eine Euro-Zone ohne Griechenland denkbar?

Barroso: Wenn Griechenland seine Verpflichtungen einhält, ist es undenkbar. Wenn nicht, müssen wir uns Gedanken machen. Aber es wäre ein schlechtes Signal an die Märkte, wenn die Euro-Zone eines ihrer Mitglieder verlöre.

PS And they all lived happily ever after in the new Europe… [ without Greece?]

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  1. Nigel Farage UKIP member of the European parliament telling them how it is.

    • The UK Independence Party states that Britain and Britishness have been “betrayed by misguided politically correct ideology, extremist Islam and errant nationalism from within”

      Yeah… right… Another Geert Wilders. 😐

      UKIP has since formed a new right-wing grouping called Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) comprising nationalist, Eurosceptic, conservative, and other political factions. This group is more right wing than the older Independence and Democracy grouping.

      One of the member parties of that EFD in the European Parliament is the Dutch Reformed Political Party (SGP). That party forbids women to become MP’s on the ground of the bible… yeah… right? 😐

  2. “Wenn nicht, müssen wir uns Gedanken machen” = “If not, we should be concerned”. See