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How Lunar Eclipse Affects EU-Summit

Oh Oh Oh! Looking at the planets I would urgently and strongly advice our esteemed EU leaders to postpone the EU Summit scheduled for Thursday and Friday,  December 8th and 9th 2011.  Not only retrograde Mercury will have a major negative impact on their communication and will get them involved in endless disputes and arguments.  The EU leaders – seeking a solution to the euro crisis and a way to get rid of debt-ridden countries, first of all “Greece” – will be under the influence of a total lunar eclipse that occurs on December 10th. The phenomenon, where the Moon will pass behind the Earth, will not only block the Sun’s rays from striking the Moon but also the desperate Europeans from finding a way out of the crisis.  The orbital constellation is really so grim that the EUers do not even need to prolong the summit over the week end, as some media claims. There is no way the EU leaders will agree!

Lunar Eclipse Over EU Summit

Angela Merkel (Cancer) will be under the pressure of her EU friends and foes and she will be in panic not knowing what to do. Nicholas Sarkozy (Aquarias) will have to reconsider his strategy being the last dot in Merkel’s tail. Herman Van Rompuy (Scorpio) will be disappointed to see his proposal “to avoid serious EU Treaty change and to rely on the fast-track procedure”  go bathing. The only ‘winner’ among the major summit participants will be IMF’s Christine Lagarde (Capricorn), who will be watching from a distance the others punching and kicking each other. Lucas Papademos (Libra) will be asked to take quick but he should better make his major moves after Mercury turn direct, on December 13. He should also avoid signing anything even though it’s highly possible he will submit an application. Somewhere… Somehow…

Individual Lunar Eclipse Forecasts in short

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (born 17. Jul 1954)

It can be maddening when the planets send mixed messages. This has been going on since last month, so it is no wonder you may feel anxious and on the horns of a dilemma, unable to see the road ahead clearly. On one hand the eclipse season is upon us, and eclipses push us hard to step with the times and to fix any weaknesses that these lunar and solar events uncover. They certainly make us attend to things with a sense of urgency.

 On the other hand, Mercury is retrograde, and will remain retrograde until December 13, making the first half of December a very bad time to make big decisions. Push-pull, on off, stop and go. No wonder you are feeling caught in a maze without an idea of what to do next.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy (born 28. Jan 1955)

You have one vibrant monthahead, filled with many different influences. The most important one will center your attention on love and romance [Merkel?], as a result of a total eclipse of the moon in Gemini, 18 degrees, on December 10. It seems safe to say that change is blowing through your window. Uranus in retrograde is time to look back, to reconsider your assumptions and strategy, and to find a way to fix any setbacks you may have suffered. From December 10 onward, it will be time to look forward assertively. Uranus is your guardian planet, so its movements affect you far more than it does others.

President of European Council  Herman van Rompuy (born 31. Oct 1947)

This eclipse will affect you financially, and because the December 10 eclipse is a total eclipse of the moon, it appears it will mark the end of a financial deal, but perhaps not in the way you had hoped.

IMF-Chief Christine Lagarde (born 1. Jan 1956)

Fortunately, you are among those in the best positions to deal with this eclipse because you will likely be cast on the sidelines, watching others go through their changes, and acting as helper to those people you know. If you do find that you will be affected, you won’t be as rocked by the events as others around you will be, and you will find the right solutions to deal with any challenges that come up.

Greek PM Lucas Papademos (born 11. Oct 1947)

Eclipses bring new experiences, often right out of the blue, from events outside your control that you would never expect.  Not all the news is positive at eclipse time, so we always have to be prepared for anything to come up. Keep your schedule wide open near December 10, for if you have an overly packed schedule you will become tense, as you may need to swing into action and make quick decisions. .

During the first half of December, your judgment will likely be off. Things will be in flux, but you won’t know that because on the surface, everything will seem so normal – that’s the rub! This means you need to go slowly, for nothing will be quite as it seems. With big events happening as a result of the eclipses in an environment of fog and confusion, you will need to take your time. Do not make any major moves until a day or two after December 13.  You may notice a strong emphasis on international relationships and trade, and may be involved with making an application for (or you may receive) a visa, green card, or new passport from a foreign country that allows dual citizenship. [ oh oh oh!]

Do no get irritated because the Lunar Eclipse is on Dec 10 and the EU Summit on Dec 8-9. The influence extends 5 days before and 5 days after.

 horoscope forecasts: Susan Miller

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  1. How right the predictions. Cameron and therefore Britain will look an absolute idiot in the light of day. But that took the heat off of any attention on Greece. The astrological powers have spoken.