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Athens: They Rob Even Kids Singing Carols

Not one, not two, but nine incidents of robberies against children singing New Year’s Eve carols were recorded on the last day of 2011 in broader Athens area. With the threat of knives or not, but definitely using violence, unknown perpetrators robbed the children and took amounts between 10 and 100 euro. On New Year’s Eve minor children in Greece wake up early in the morning and go door-to door in small groups to sing the carols. People give them money and wish them Happy New Year. In one case, they also robbed a child’s mobile phone, in antoher they robbers took with them the child’s jacket.

The Police managed to capture five robbers.

In our neighborhood quite some children came in the company of an adult to protect them from robbers. Similar incidents had occurred also last year. But odd enough, nothing similar was heard about robberies during the Christmas Carols….

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