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Hundreds of Greeks Lined Up for a Food-Aid Package

Hundreds of needy citizens lined up as early in the morning of the last day of austerity year 2011 to get an aid package distributed by the Greek Red Cross. Large families, lonely elderly, jobless, homeless, immigrants and refugees queued outside the Red Cross Headquarters in downtown Athens for a package of aid that would enable them to have something to eat. A total of 1,200 packages containing oil, pasta, flour, sugar and milk were distibuted  to cover some basic needs of people in despair hit by the economic crisis and the strict austerity.

Speaking to news portal NewsIt, Eleni Katrapa,  social worker at the Red Cross,  said that the need for aid has tremendously increased and thus for people who used to have a job until recently and found themselves without income from one day to the next. Katrapa stressed that there are dozens of such examples and she mentioned the case of a family with 3 underage children and a bank loan. They both lost their jobs within the last five months with the effect to be unable to pay their rent or buy food.

Non-governmental organisations, municipalities, supermarkets, and other social institutions called for solidarity donations in food items and helped thousands of needy Greeks over the Christmas and New Year holidays, in the salvation IMF-year 2011.

Who could have thought three years ago, that citizens of the European Union and the ‘prosperity promising’ Euro Zone would queue for some pasta and a liter of cooking oil…?

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  1. Hi,
    do you know if there are other food-aid programmes here in greece, and how many people take part in them?

    it was really new to me, that supermarkets were social institutions 🙂

    ‘Non-governmental organisations, municipalities, supermarkets, and other social institutions called for solidarity donations…’

    χρονια πολλα,

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes, the word sequence was wrong and irritating lol. The action is that consumers can donate food items and the sup-markets collect them for the social insitutions. A lot of churches give food-aid packages to needy families and also daily free meals. Unfortunately, there are no data. Greece is the country without archives and records, as you might know.